Some city folks are opting for a remote bug out location and that’s a good thing.  But some of us like to actually live in a remote setting and live the preparedness lifestyle 24/7.

Let’s face it. We’re Boomers. Double Boomers at that. Not only are we of the Baby Boomer generation, we’re in Oklahoma, home of the Sooners…. Where you’re often hear: “Boomer Sooner”.

Him: Military background. He brings his tactical knowledge to the game, plus he’s good with websites…!

Me: Coulda shoulda woulda been a hippie, a child of nature, a back to the earth kind of gal had I not needed to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table (before meeting him). I’ve a lifelong interest in plants, herbals, making do, and preparing. My past day-job included corporate event planning for a Fortune 500 company which helped lead me to wanting to share my knowledge, how to’s and “if this then that” mentality with you.

We sure aren’t hippies but some folks might kiddingly call us Hobbits.  Some might call us Batman & Batwoman.   In reality, we’re just normal people with a penchant for survival and preparedness no matter what the future might bring. Calamity or collapse, we believe in living the Boy Scout motto;  Be Prepared.

Our house is an earth shelter.  An earth-sheltered home has earth on three sides as well as the roof. (An earth-bermed house has dirt against three outside walls with a traditional roof.)  We’re safe against hail, strong winds and most importantly from the tornadoes that blanket the Midwest.

“Most” twisters come from the southwest and move northeast making the front exposed part of the house relatively safe.  The house also sits on the side of a hill.  The hill behind the house helps with tornadoes as well.  It lifts them up and they tend to hit ground a hundred feet or so in front of the house.  We’ve lost trees before, but the house stands strong!

The rock front façade is local rock from Lake Eufaula as well as ‘found’ interesting rocks such as black quartz and a couple pieces of petrified wood.   Our ‘underground’ home stays relatively warm/cool throughout the year, is environmentally friendly (flowers on the roof) and is here for the long-haul.

We’re here to share with you our earth-sheltered ‘underground’ preparedness lifestyle, country living with a preparedness mindset.

Underground house roof
Springtime roof on our ‘underground’ earth-shelter house.
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