Fifty Cent Bargain

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I can’t pass up a good piece of fabric at a yard sale, can you? It’s why I have an overload of fabric in my stash. (Most sewers have a fabric stash!)

During the holidays one of my old bar stools broke the top off. I didn’t have a lot of money in them, in fact, they came from a yard sale. I got them originally…. Years ago… for fifty cents. YES! Fifty cents each! That was a bargain in itself.

I hauled them home and used them as is for a long time before recovering them in red vinyl. I was ‘at the time’ going for the diner look. Does that date how long I’ve had these?

I later recovered them in cow print. Cows are on a comeback in design but when was the last time cows were in? It’s been awhile.

(I’d already painted the base in this photo.)

Well, when the top broke off one during the holidays I did what any ‘red blooded’ DIY’r slash crafter would do. I recovered them AGAIN.

I had this print in my fabric stash for a year (or two) waiting for the right ‘thing’ to make out of it. And as soon as that top broke off I knew what I’d use to recover! I just had to find it ‘in my stash’ and luckily it didn’t take too long, it was right where I thought it’d be!

Next issue was the top really was broken… so off to Home Depot I went and purchased a pair of round 17” tabletops made of wood. They were just an inch bigger than the original seats and since as you get older you naturally get a bit wider…. (it’s a real thing) I thought that 17” would be a nice seat.
I stopped by Hobby Lobby, used a coupon and purchased a roll of batting. First I hauled them outside and wiped them down. (Where does the dust come from?) then spray painted the whole base, even that curved wood trim with Rustoleum’s oil rubbed bronze (love that color).

I laid the tabletops on the batting and cut a circle big enough to come around underneath and used my staple gun to staple it on, following by doing the same thing with the fabric positioning so that the words would be where I wanted it.

After the first one… I decided the second one needed more batting. ONLY there wasn’t enough…so…. I did what any redblooded DIY crafter seamstress would do and went to the stash…. And pulled out some purple fleece. PURPLE FLEECE? Yes, it was LSU purple BUT I knew it wouldn’t show under the layer of batting. Cut TWO circles of purple fleece, topped with batting and the fabric. This stool’s a bit cushier and that’s ok.

stool top
stool top

Here’s how they turned out.
recovered stool
recovered stool

I wonder how many more years I can get out of my fifty cent finds?