Living Remotely

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City folks, can you imagine getting up in the morning and going outside, in the front yard, in whatever you’re wearing to enjoy the morning?

There’s no one to see you in your pjs. No one looking out their window wondering what you’re doing. It’s near solitude as you can hear an occasional car going down the road, but you can’t see them and they can’t see you.

Country living is great. We’re far enough from the hustle and bustle of the big city yet not so far away that driving there seems like a day trip.

These days, we aren’t as remote as we used to be. No, we haven’t moved, but industry slowly makes it’s way outward from the city central. We have satellite television and DSL internet but all the ‘city’ conveniences haven’t made it out here. We don’t have natural gas or city water. That’s fine with us!

We’ve a gas station and grocery store just a few miles away. In fact we probably drive about as far as you do to go to the store.

We do have a couple of neighbors, we wave as we drive by and we’re there for each other if the need arises, yet we’re far enough apart that we can’t see each other from the yard. This means less ‘social’ contact but some of us like our solitude.

As I mentioned, it’s quiet. That is except for wildlife. An evening sitting on the porch or patio can be loud. Loud from the noise of all the frogs and crickets. It’s unbelievable how loud wildlife can be. But still, that’s nature and not cars, or the thump thump thump of loud music.


If you homestead with animals or a garden you’ll find that it’s hard to get away. You can board a dog, but what do you do with chickens, or cows or any other animal that needs daily attention? You might find that day trips are the norm.

Still, there’s nothing better than pulling into your own piece of land, surrounded by woods and nature, and just being yourself.