Adding Turmeric to your Life

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Yes, turmeric is ‘in’ right now! Turmeric is touted to help with ‘what ails you’ including inflammation, diabetes, and even more. Because of this you’re probably wanting to get more turmeric into your life.
Turmeric can be used many ways, in food and drink and more!

Yup, people do brush their teeth with turmeric! Turmeric shouldn’t replace your regular toothpaste, but you can try using turmeric to help whiten your teeth.
This is a known natural remedy for teeth that are starting to yellow a little bit. Have powdered turmeric in a dish, wet your toothbrush, and dip it into. Brush your teeth with it, then let it sit for a couple minutes. Rinse out your mouth and brush your teeth with your toothpaste. Some folks like to mix this with baking soda, and some with coconut oil for added benefits.

Spicy Baby
Turmeric is a root and used as spice for flavoring many different dishes. Did you realize that a sprinkling of turmeric on your roasted vegetables will add a little spice and flavor? Try it next time you’re roasting root vegetables
Turmeric, with it’s rich coloration is also a great way to add a little bit of color to otherwise color-bland dishes. Try adding some to rice, mashed potatoes, eggs…


Turmeric is also known in the herbal remedy world as an aid in fighting colds. It’s properties are said to help boost your own natural defenses to help your body fight off infection and boosting your immunities. Try mixing some turmeric with some honey and taking a spoonful.

Because turmeric is used for inflammation, you can help with irritation and rashes on your skin by applying it directly. Many folks make a face mask with turmeric for helping to combat acne.
The curcumin in turmeric is thought to be the active ingredient and has been used to promote brain health, heart health, and many other ways.
You’ll find uses for turmeric root, the powdered version as well as capsulized turmeric. I buy my turmeric in bulk so that I always have plenty on hand for whatever I want to make with it.