Black Pepper Steak

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A long long time ago…. I can still remember (it’s amazing how just typing a few words can put a song in your head…. Are you old enough to recognize those lines?) Well, I can remember. Back in the day…. ahem the aforementioned long long time ago I had many mouths to feed. Ok, so not ‘that’ many but it sure seemed like it! I’d make a meal plan for the week along with what ever else was needed around the house, get out my coupons and make a grocery list.

The meal plan was subject to change. The grocer I’d shop at didn’t have a weekly sale flyer (and still doesn’t). You just don’t know what’s on sale until you get there. So…. a meal plan that might have included a certain cut of meat might get changed to a cheaper cut or what was on sale.

Back then…. my meat budget was $5 a day. (I told you it was a long time ago…) and back then you could sometimes buy an entire round steak for less than 5. During those weeks I might have made Chicken Fried Steak, smothered steak or even pepper steak.

Whatever happened to the stores offering the entire round steak? It’s been years since I’ve seen a whole one. Sure I see top round steak, and eye of round steak but never a whole one anymore…. (more things to ponder)

Back in the day (here we are…. back to the long long time ago) I often made pepper steak with just black pepper. AGHAST? We didn’t always have bell peppers, that is unless they were ripened in the garden, otherwise bell peppers hardly made it into the weekly grocery budget. Consequently we learned to love pepper steak both with bell pepper slices and without.

Pepper steak
Pepper steak

It’s a simple meal.

Cut up some bell peppers (I like strips…) and cook until lightly browned on one side. Meanwhile… thin slice some round steak. Add to the pan and add black pepper. Add some more. Keep going. Cover it all with black pepper, then when the meat is browned on one side, turn it over and put some more pepper on it.

Served it with jasmine rice (cooked in chicken stock) and some peas.

What’s on your meal plan this week?