Busy? Spend Less Time in the Garden

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Got your garden all set up and running smoothly? That is except for the daily chores? There are ways that you can incorporate your garden chores into a relatively short period of time, even if you have a big garden. You can do this with some garden systems in place.

sprinkler head
sprinkler head

Watering Systems

Your plants need water. Do you water in the morning before you go to work and arrive with mud splashes or worse yet, realize you left a trail of muddy footsteps across the entryway?

One way to water ‘with a system’ is by using a sprinkler. Those elevated stationary sprinklers work great. You can set it to spray on a quarter of the patch, let it run for a set determined amount of time, then move it to the second quarter and so on.

There are some issued with this system. You must remember to turn off the water before you leave for work (been there….) and this method doesn’t provide selective watering. You’ll be watering everything the same amount, including the weeds.

Consider adding a drip irrigation system AND a shut off timer.



A popular way to reduce weeding is by utilizing a thick cover of mulch. You can use wood chips, shredded leaves, straw (not hay, hay has seeds), or pine needles (not easy to find across the country). You can also use the grass clippings from your mower bag.

Some folks like to plant a cover crop inbetween their rows. Something low growing and beneficial such as creeping thyme or a clover.

By using a watering system and weed control you’ll reduce the time needed to attend to the garden allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the garden… and the bounty.