Cooking with Turmeric

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So you bought some powdered turmeric and you made a single ethnic dish. Now what? Did you buy a little bottle or a pound of it like I did? (I never do anything small!)


There are different ways to use it, not only to ‘use it up’ but using it for taste and the health benefits.

Vegetables and Turmeric
Add turmeric to your vegetables. It’s great on roasted root vegetables! You can even spice up a plain old can of green beans by sprinkling in some turmeric. Or canned corn! Oh the possibilities…

You can sprinkle turmeric on just about any vegetable. Consider it just another seasoning. I would however, go lightly, at least at first because turmeric might be too much for some simple palates. Experiment. Spice up that plain cauliflower. Doctoring up your collard and other greens might be another way to get the kiddos to eat them.

Add Turmeric to Soup or Chili
Making soup or opening a can of soup? Sprinkle some turmeric. Unbelievable in chili!

Some folks like to take their turmeric in tea form. You can either grate a little turmeric into a cup and add hot water, or add the powdered variety. You might want to add a little ginger and some honey.

While turmeric is traditionally found only in curries there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the health benefits by using it in different ways. Note: Black pepper boosts the bioavailibity of turmeric. So add black pepper along with the turmeric in most recipes.