Coping With Food Shortages

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It’s getting better.

Or is it?

We all saw food shortages earlier this year. There was a point where one couldn’t find ground beef. It’s back…. but the quality just isn’t same.

We saw canned goods flying off the shelves. There were big empty spots all over the grocery store.

Hopefully, those that are preparedness minded didn’t feel the crunch as bad as those that weren’t prepared. How’d you fare?

Supplies seemed to pour back into the stores, some items faster than others. Some items never came back. Some were replaced with unknown brands.

Overall, the grocery store does look better than it did earlier in the year, however, there are still empty spots.

In my neck of the woods…. there’s no canned dog food. And for some strange reason, no peanut butter.

The earlier food shortages were not blamed on a broken supply chain but rather on people panic buying. There’s a difference between having a prepared pantry and hoarding cases of chicken noodle soup! Your goods should be rotated, be of items that you’ll actually use up, and not just stacked up in the garage for an eternity.

Sure, some of us like buying in bulk, that’s the reason there’s a Sams Club and a Costco. But one should have a plan for what they store.

Are you still seeing quotas? Out here, there are still some quotas in place, mostly for meat, and beans. The empty spots on the shelves are merely an inconvenience for those of the preparedness mindset. They know that they have enough on hand, just in case, of a shutdown, a family crisis, or even a prolonged ice storm.

Still worried about the food situation? Add some supplements to your daily routine. Pick up a bottle of multivitamins, some green supplements, maybe some fish oil along with winter essentials such as Vitamin C, D….

Add some canned protein to your larder.

Shop when you can, with what you can. Be prepared to change up your grocery list and your meal plan. No fresh salmon? Try canned salmon and make salmon patties. Don’t hoard. Buy what you need and maybe a little extra. No peanut butter? Try almond butter. No canned dog food? Fido might have to do with dry for the time being.

Substitute. You’ll get by. Just don’t panic. Think ahead and act responsibly when doing your grocery shopping.