Edible Landscaping

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So many people these days are ‘doing a little prepping’ and planting edibles in their landscapes. You don’t need to rip out the whole yard you can incorporate edibles a bit more naturally.

You do need to do some planning beforehand. Edibles in the landscaping are going to be more work than the traditional ‘pro’ landscape jobs but much more fulfilling when you can get ‘something to eat’ right out of the yard!

Edibles can be used both for function and beauty.

Gather Some Ideas

You’ve seen pictures of edible landscapes online, in mags and books and maybe even in person. Gather your ideas so that you narrow down exactly what you want to add to the yard.

cherry blossoms
cherry blossoms

Think About How It’ll Look When Grown

Do you have favorite colors? Do certain colors or plants make you smile? What have you dreamed about adding to the lawn? Create your ‘must have’ list as well as a list of wants. Also consider how big certain plants will get. You don’t want to overwhelm an area.

Are there certain fruits or veggies that you buy at the grocer or farmer’s market every year? Those are certainly worth considered as an addition. Love blueberries? Get a bush. Other berries? There are bush varieties as well as thornless available. Check out your local nursery. The absolute best thing about having edibles in your landscape is picking and EATING!

Love herbs? Many herbs are low growing and perfect for borders or pots!


Do Your Homework

Just because you love cherries does not mean that the variety of cherry you want will thrive in your planting zone. Know your planting zone. Most of the time, the fruit trees and bushes available at your local nursery are suited to your zone. Read plant labels and descriptions. Make sure that the plant you chose is right for your zone as well as the location you’ve chosen.

Once you’ve chosen your plants and researched what is available it’s time to create your vision on paper. Draw out your yard and draw in the plantings allowing room for growth. Remember a tree, fences and structures will cast shade so make certain that the plants you choose for a shady area will do well there.

digging garden
digging garden

If your first planning doesn’t work on paper, keep at it! You’ll find the best spots for the fruits, veggies and herbs you want. As with any project, plan then execute and soon you’ll be enjoying the beauty and ‘fruits’ of your labor.