Garden Planning

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Are you stuck inside due to the freezing temps outside? It’s going to be a chilly week that’s for sure!

So, how will you spend your extra free time this week? All bundled up binge watching old shows? Or perusing seed catalogs?

seed catalogs
seed catalogs

That’s great! But don’t just dream about seeds and plants. Think about all the things you could make, create, renovate to add some fun/sparkle/splash to your lawn and garden.

Your outdoor space should reflect a bit of your own personality and be a space that you’ll want to retreat to.


Have you ever driven past a place of business that had stacks of wooden pallets outside their back door?

wooden pallets

Have you ever seen that and let your imagination go wherever it wanted dreaming up ways to use stacks of wooden pallets? You know, you’ll never know if they’ll let any go unless you stop and ask. You might be pleasantly surprised and on your way to making…

a pallet garden!

There are many different methods of creating a pallet garden from a wood pallet. Some attach to a fence with pots attached to the boards, others use landscape fabric to line the crevices and plant inbetween, and of course you can always take the pallet apart and use the wood to create a raised bed or you can just lay it on the ground and fill the voids with dirt.

Just made sure that you’re getting pallets that are made from wood (as in not plastic) and the hardwood ones are best for use as they’ll hold up better.

IF you’re lucky enough to find some pallets for free (or a very low cost) don’t be shy… there are other things you can make with pallets, like compost bins!