Healthy Eating Habits

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Looking to break into a healthier you this year? Now is a good time to start.

Healthy eating is a choice. If we can change our daily eating habits we’ll all be better off in the long run. Being the healthiest you (and your family) can be will benefit you in a preparedness or survival situation as you’ll go into the circumstance better off than most.

How do we start healthy eating?

Let’s try something new. Let’s add a new fruit or vegetable to your diet. Just because you’ve never eaten something doesn’t automatically make it bad. Don’t like something… like artichokes? Try cooking them different ways. You might be surprised. Often times root vegetables shine (in taste and flavor) when roasted.

Eat Breakfast.
Eating breakfast, especially if you eat breakfast full of fiber and protein, will keep you going for hours. A bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter day helps fill the tummy (fiber & whole grains) keeps your warmer (longer digestion) and gives you energy to throw snowballs (or shovel snow) (complex carbohydrates).

A lot of folks find that eating protein for breakfast helps keep them fulfilled longer so they don’t eat as much at lunchtime.


Snack Healthy
For most people ‘not snacking’ is not an option. Choose healthier snacks. Think fruit and nuts.

Drink More:
Water. Some folks don’t really care for plain water. In order to keep hydrated try different flavorings until you find one you like. Sometimes just adding a piece of fruit to a glass of water is enough to flavor the water and make it more interesting and therefore more likely to be consumed.

flavored water
flavored water

Mix it up
It’s easy to get bored eating the same thing every day. When you get bored of a salad change it up! Add tuna, canned chicken, canned shrimp, boiled eggs, pine nuts, leftover chicken. Anything will make it different, in fact, you could have a different salad everyday using leftovers. I for one love leftover hominy on a green salad!

Don’t Eat Late
You sit around after dinner, maybe watching TV and you start to get a little hungry. It’s ok to save your dessert for later… just not too late. One shouldn’t eat something too close to bedtime as there’s no time to burn off the energy.

Future Meals
Do you prep food? By preparing foods before hand you’ll save time and money. For instance… do you bring home a big hunk of ground beef and just stick it all in the fridge OR do you take the time to divide into meal size portions and freeze? Do you do the same with chicken and other meats?

If you meal plan for the week includes chicken, you can preroast the whole chicken or pieces all at once then bag into individual containers for use later in the week. When the meat is thawed and precooked putting your meal together is fast and easy saving your time, money and encouraging healthy eating simultaneously.

Don’t Do Without
If you know that you (or a family member) just has to have a treat sometimes then prepare for that. Just be mindful of what you choose as a treat. There are lower calorie options without using alternative sweeteners. An angel food cake topped with real whipped cream and strawberries is a good example (and oh so tasty!)


Start now with healthier eating habits and before you know it they’ll become second nature.