Healthy Fruit Dishes for a Picnic

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Wanting a picnic but on a health kick? Bring fruit! Fruit is easy to pack. Easy to prep, (doesn’t necessarily need an ice pack), has less calories, and is more nutritious than many other options.

picnic basket
picnic basket

Fruit Kabobs
Make some kabobs! Use skewers (don’t get sharp ones if you’re feeding children and don’t let them play or run with them.) Cut up and mix up the fruit on the skewers. They can be presented daintily for an afternoon tea type picnic or in heaps for a family.

You can use sliced/chunked bananas, cantaloupes, honeydews and watermelons as well as orange wedges and strawberries.

Make a Fruit Salad

Skewers too dangerous? Mix up some fruit into a fruit salad! Cut up the different fruits above and add more favorites, such as grapes. Drizzle some sauce, or whipped topping, or chocolate for dipping.

basket of fruit
basket of fruit

Fruit on Sticks
Technically not a kabob. Use popsicle sticks and place large pieces of fruit on the sticks such as watermelon triangles. It’s less messy than handing someone a whole slice and less germy for everyone digging in with a spoon (which is how ever single watermelon I ever ate as a child was served.)

Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizzas
Want to go all out and be the STAR of the picnic? Bake your favorite sugar cookie recipe, add a dab of icing on the top and use the icing as ‘glue’ to hold little pieces of fruit. I sometimes make a really big pizza pan size cookie and top with strawberries… 

Whatever kind of picnic you’re having you can make it better (and healthier) by incorporating some fruit.