Complementary Medicinals Use With Wisdom

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We do have choices in health care. The medical world is full of treatments and breaktroughs in medicine. A lot of medical innovations sprang from the natural world around us, including plant matter. Aspirin for example stemmed from the use of willow bark as a pain reliever.

Natural medicine can be considered complementary as using both natural and modern medicine together and alternative where natural medicine is used instead of it’s modern counterpart.

We are not medical professionals. You should consult your physician or naturopathic before and while using medicinals. Always inform your medical professional of any alternatives you are taking or considering to take as there can be interactions.

Natural medicines and their practitioners aim to heal your body as well as your mind and spirit. Complementary medicine allows you to use the best of both worlds to help heal what ails you. A


Many of us opt to use natural medicine often times instead of mainstream medicines. For example when you feel a cold coming on you might have considered using an entire bottle (over time) of a popular cold remedy purchased over the counter. OR you could opt for taking elderberry syrup. We’ve found that elderberry can reduce a cold by up to four days!

Other methods of natural or alternative medical options include, acupunture, Ayurveda, harnessing a creative outlet such as dance or art, herbal remedies, massage, meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, supplements and more.

Every one of us is different. Use common sense and consult with professionals before making any medical changes on your own. Consulting your medical professional, whether your family physician or naturopathic (or other fields) is better than depending upon an internet search. Self diagnosis and self-medicating can be very dangerous and potentially fatal. Always confirm things with your doctor(s) before moving forward with any treatment plan. If you think you might have what’s going around now consult your doctor.