Home Cooking Saves Money

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Scratch Cooking Benefits

In my former corporate life, I was amazed at the number of coworkers that didn’t cook from scratch. In fact most of them didn’t cook at all!

Have you ever gone out to eat and noticed an entire family in the next booth or table and mentally wondered how they could afford to eat out given the family’s size? I sure have. Eating out is a norm for many families.


It’s sad. Sure, eating out is easy, but it’s not fast and certainly not budget friendly. Simply taking your breakfast (or lunch) from home can save a lot of money over the course of a month. Imagine if you cooked all your family’s meals. The savings is well worth the effort.

Cooking from scratch means having basics in your pantry (and freezer) and cooking a meal without boxes or prepared ingredients.

Why should you cook ‘from scratch’ at home?

Home Cooking is More Affordable

Picking up premade food on your way home ‘may’ save you time but it sure doesn’t save you money. A long time ago, when I was single and struggling, a friend advised me to just buy a dollar burger on my way home. Money issue solved. While that does sound feasible my own resources were stretched so thin that that dollar burger was out of the question, especially if I had to buy one every day. That money had to come from somewhere.

A big pot of spaghetti, sans meat, would feed me for days. So would a big pot of beans. Way cheaper than that dollar burger multiplied.

spaghetti noodles
spaghetti noodles

While some people do struggle these days they often have access to ‘food stamps’ and WIC or a food pantry. Those that don’t qualify will find that cooking good wholesome meals at home will save a good bit of money. Money they can use to pay bills.

Do you buy lunch out? Do you stop for coffee or soda. Those purchases add up.

Make a sandwich, bring a banana, use those leftovers from the night before. Home cooking can be cheap affordable and filling.

A great filling meal is my easy chicken and dumplings.

chicken & dumplings
chicken & dumplings

Better Taste

Sure that bucket of chicken tastes good and hits the spot but for the price you paid you could make your own AND control the kind of oil it was fried in, the spices you put into it, as well as only use cuts that you know your family will eat. (And the leftovers can be utilized in different ways. Boil the bones/skin for chicken broth or make a tasty chicken soup from the leftover pieces.)

leftover chicken soup
leftover chicken soup

Nothing compares to home cooking.


Home cooking, from scratch, is flat out healthier. Most boxed or premade foods come loaded with fat, sugar, sodium and… chemicals. When you cook from scratch you control the ingredients. You can control the amount of salt or sugar, use better healthier fats, and most certainly you won’t add any chemicals! You, and you alone, control the quality.