Homemade From the Heart

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Homemade is best made!

Now that the Christmas season is officially over I can finally share what I made as gifts for family and friends.

I made homemade jelly!

Several different kinds! You see, I purchased myself a Ball Jam and Jelly maker in the fall specifically for this purpose. Don’t you just hate standing at the stove stirring until your arms want to fall off? I sure do. Just the thought of doing so will make me decide ‘not’ to make something that takes a lot of stirring, and watching.

No fear with the Ball automatic jelly maker! No sir! It’s simple. Using a recipe from the included cook-booklet (ok, so I maybe modified some…) you simply add the liquid such as apple juice and a box of pectin, put the lid on and the machine beeps when it’s time to add the sugar. It then STIRS it for you and beeps again when it’s ready to jar up!

From that point on you follow typical jelly making instructions. You know, clean, hot jars, followed by water bath canning.

I made Mountain Dew jelly for a grandson that loves his Dew! (I cooked down some Mountain Dew to make it stronger…), Apple jelly with red hots, a more ‘normal’ pomegranate and plum as well as some jalapeno sauce for chicken or to be served over some cream cheese. I even made cranberry sauce from real cranberries for Dad.

Next Christmas I plan on upping my game with more jellies and jams.

Christmas time is meant to be shared with friends and family and a gift from the heart, especially if it’s homemade, is always a good fit.