It’s Spring, Let’s Plant a Garden!

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Gardening is a great hobby enjoyed by millions and with more and more people embracing the vegetarian (or vegan) lifestyle a garden just makes sense.

When you grow your own food you can make certain that nothing chemical has been added to the growing medium. You have complete control. You might even be surprised at the pesticide levels in produce. Again, you have control when you grow your own fruits and vegetables.

There are many different methods of gardening. This includes gardening in raised beds, gardening in containers, strawbale, hugelkulture regular in the ground, balcony, windowsill, as well as unconventional methods such as aquaponics and hydroponics. You can even grow food in your regular flower beds!

Anything you can grow yourself is something that you didn’t have to procure elsewhere. This saves you time, money and helps you and your family become a bit more self-sufficient.

Some foods grow fast. Consider planting a row of radishes and lettuces as well as other salad makings.

Grow some potatoes. It’s time, at least here in zone 7 to plant potatoes. You can plant in the ground or in a container or even a grow bag. Here I’ve planted potatoes in an old canvas laundry bag. (It rained last night so they do need some more dirt on top…. but you get the idea…)

Potatoes planted in laundry bag
Potatoes planted in laundry bag

Get creative. I’d imagine you have containers that could become planters, like this bucket!

Getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine can be a boost to your morale as well as an immune booster. Gardening is a skill and you’ll never know what you’re capable of growing until you try. It’s a step towards your family’s food security.

Simple steps to growing your own include planning, selection, preparation, planting, marking so you don’t forget what is where and of course watering. All of this outlined in this post: 9 Steps to Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

We, as a whole, can get through this time and come out the better for it with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a skill. You can have a green thumb!