Learn to Cook… from scratch

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Many, dare I say, most homesteaders and prepper type folk typically have most of their meals at home. It’s just part of the frugal, self sufficient lifestyle. But even die-hard DIYers and preppers go out to eat sometimes.

When you did go ‘out to eat’ for a special occasion or as a treat did you happen to notice the customers in the establishment?

There’s always a romantic couple on a date. There’s usually an older couple or two but the majority of the restaurant, even on a weekday, seems to be primarily made up of families, that is, couples with young children.

breakfast out
breakfast out

Ever wonder why that is?

It can’t be because they’re trying to save money at an all you can eat buffet because if you add up what you’d spend to feed an entire family the restaurant cost far outweighs what you’d spend to cook it at home. We recently went out to eat at a ‘slightly more upscale’ restaurant than a buffet and still found it filled with families with kids.

You’d think that their budgets wouldn’t allow it.

When we had kids still at home eating out was a rare occasion and certainly not at any upscale restaurant! Know why there are so many families going out for dinner? Sure, there are time constraints what with sports and other after school activities but that’s not the main reason. A lot of the young folks just flat don’t know how to shop for groceries, plan a meal, or cook!

I’ve also noticed that even within my own circle of ‘ladies I know’ that the majority of them don’t cook anything at all! They eat dinner out, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Can you imagine what that’d do to a budget?

Can you imagine how hungry these folks will be in the aftermath of any disaster?

They could probably make toast but when the store bought loaf ran out how would they make more? They could eat dry cereal and toaster pastries til the cabinet was bare. But then what?

Everyone should know how to cook from scratch, even if it’s something as simple as soup.

couple cooking
couple cooking

In the event of an actual emergency there’d only be so many people one could help with food and you’d probably need to do that sparingly (your own family comes first) and indiscreetly.

Many foods can be stored without electricity. Canned foods last for years. Properly stored dehydrated and freeze-dried foods last much longer. If you haven’t ever cooked from scratch get yourself a simple cookbook. Don’t start with something fancy. Start simple and learn as you go.

Plan a meal around what you have in the house. Plan a simple meal made from scratch. Make a list and go to the grocery store and purchase what you need. As you learn you’ll figure out for yourself what you need to keep on hand (such as a stock of chicken broth for an easy to make soup base). Start cooking at least one meal at home. Then expand to two. And keep going. Grow your own. Grow your pantry. Stock your cupboards. Become more self-sufficient.

You are ultimately the one responsible for the health, safety and nourishment of your family. That little cafe down the street might not always be there.

Learn to be prepared.