Picnic Foods That Don’t Require Ice Packs

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No ice pack? The temperature outside is soaring? You can still have a picnic! Just don’t pack any item that could spoil without the aid of a cooler.
That means no lunch meat or cheese. But there are foods you can picnic with that don’t require a cooler!

Veggie Sandwiches

You can still have a sandwich, just lose the meat! In my high school days I was on the track team and the coach forbade us from eating anything close to ‘regular’ food at the meets. Instead he insisted on lettuce and butter sandwiches. You’d be surprised how good that was when you were hot and tired!


While I don’t necessarily suggest lettuce and butter sandwiches you can try layering different veggies on some good bread. Think lettuce, tomatoes, cukes… perhaps a peanut butter sandwich or hummus!
peanut butter
peanut butter

Quick Snacks
Need more? I’m sure someone in your family will balk at the veggie sandwich… so be sure to bring along some fruit and nuts. Maybe some carrot sticks.
Someone still not satisfied? Pull out the snack crackers and chips. (You probably won them over with the chips…!)

Mix up the old fav, peanut butter and jelly but substituting another butter, such as almond butter. Or try making a peanut butter and jelly wrap using a flour tortilla.

If you still can’t please everyone then think about making your own ice packs. To do so, add a cup of rubbing alcohol to two cups of water and put into a freezeable container such as a freezer bag. Freeze and use just like a store-bought ice pack!