Regrowing Romaine

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Regrowing Romaine
Regrowing Romaine

I buy salad each week, especially during the winter months. I mix it up, one week I buy head lettuce, one week spinach, and another week romaine. This time… when we’d eaten the ‘good’ parts off the head, I took the remainder and sat it in a quart mason jar, added water and just a couple days later… fresh romaine is growing out of the top!

Did you know that you can do this with other fruits and vegetables? Items you might have been tossing (forbid!!), feeding to your chickens or composting in your compost pile can often be regrown! Not everything of course but romaine lettuce works well, as does…

Just cut off near the bottom (leave a couple of inches) and set into a bowl of water. You’ll want to cover the bottom part of the celery and not cover the top.

If you have purchased onions with the little roots attached then use the top part and plant the bottom part

Sweet Potatoes
Easy, peasy. Just stick them in the ground.

Cut the potato up into pieces, each with an eye and plant those. Not all grocery store potatoes will grow as some have been sprayed with something to retard growth, but if you’re are sprouting in the kitchen….they’ll grow in the ground.

It takes a while, but that hunk of ginger you bought at the store for cookies is plantable! Soon you’ll have your own FRESH ginger!

The garlic from the produce section of the grocery store can be planted. Just break apart and plant the individual cloves. There’s nothing finer than fresh garlic (or fresh garlic greens!)

If you buy fresh herbs at the grocer AND it has roots attached there’s a good bet that you can plant that for your own fresh starts. It’s worth a shot!

I’ve also started avocado seeds indoors although I’ve never had one long enough to grow an avocado. I know people who’ve started orange and lemon trees from seeds out of their daily fruit so I know it can be done.

What have you tried to grow from the grocery store?