Tower Gardening

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Pinterest is full of tower gardening photos. Garden groups are talking about stackable planters… especially for herbs and strawberries. They’re raving over the space-savings!

A tower garden is a vertical garden. It can be as simple as a strawberry pot, the stackable plastic ones from the dollar store or a hydroponic system using pvc pipe.

The strawberry pots and stackable pots like the ones shown above are typically used with a traditional potting mix. The pipe method is almost always a hydroponic system.

Hydroponics in vertical pipes uses hydroponic net pots in drilled holes all up and down the pipe. This method utilizes a water pump (either solar or electrical) that pushes a liquid, water based fertilizer through it. The roots stay wet. Of course you still need sunlight or a light source.

Those using city water will certainly want to check the ph of your water using a simple ph meter. The pump filter will need to be checked periodically and check for the rare sprouted weed seed.

You can purchase a tower garden system… or you can make your own with pvc pipe from the hardware/home store.

You’ll save money from buying produce at the grocery store or farmer’s market and know what went into what you’re consuming.

So what can you grow in a tower garden? Aside from herbs and strawberries you might be surprised to find that you can grow a multitude of different veggies. Lettuce is pretty easy but you can also grow cauliflower and broccoli, eggplant, peas, spinach. You can even grow tomatoes and melons!

The result? Fresher produce. You can’t get any fresher than walking outside and picking something for dinner!