Turmeric Tea

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Another way to use turmeric and of course to benefit from using more of this healthy spice is by making turmeric tea. Now, I personally believe that turmeric tea is an acquired taste and those that are ‘super tasters’ may not find it pleasant, but it’ll be a drink with health benefits.

turmeric tea
turmeric tea

Boil Some Water
Proper tea is made by steeping tea leaves. When making turmeric tea, however, you’ll actually need to boil some water. Grate the turmeric root and add to the boiling water. You may add some ginger for a little extra flavor. Let the spice simmer in the gently rolling water for about ten minutes. (Try cloves or cinnamon!)

More Flavoring
Us Southerners like our tea sweet. So feel free to add some honey to sweeten the drink. You can also mix with regular or flavored tea.
• Try cinnamon in the tea, either before or after it simmers
• Try peppercorns while it is cooking but remove before drinking
• Try a touch of sea salt
• Try different types of milk, such as coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk

What’s your flavor combination of herbs and seasonings for your turmeric tea?