Using Your Slow Cooker

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Hopefully you used your slow cooker a lot this past winter but just because spring is around the corner doesn’t mean you stash your appliance away! No, your slow cooker will save you time and money every season and spring is no exception.

Spring means you’ll be outside more. Maybe you’re planting flowers for the bees and butterflies, or maybe you’re gardening. You could just be so busy with day to day ‘being a mom’ that anything that saves time is a bonus.

Well, don’t put away that slow cooker!

Here are some tips to keep you going!

When using that slow cooker, it may seem silly, but always leave the lid on. You’re thinking ‘DUH’ but you’d be surprised how many people take the lid off thinking that it’ll help… Leave the lid on, unless you’re following a recipe that specifically tells you to remove the lid. Otherwise just taking the lid off can cause the appliance to need 20-25 minutes to get back to temp, just like your oven.

You can use your slow cooker as a warmer. Suppose you had a lot going on on the stove and no where to keep something warm. Well your slow cooker can do that for you. You might use it to keep soup or meatballs warm, or even bread! There’s a ‘warm’ feature on most cookers that will allow you to do just that.

Too hot in the kitchen? Using all the burners on your stovetop heats up the kitchen as does using the oven. Your slow cooker however is more contained and doesn’t put much heat into the room. It’s your warm weather friend.

Adjustments to favorite recipes? Forgot to put something in the slow cooker in the morning? For most recipes an hour on high is roughly the same as 2-2 1/2 hours on low. This will let you get a dish ready in less time. (Although I prefer long and slow….)

You can find this Swedish Meatball recipe here

Don’t know what size to get? A typical family of four will most often need a slow cooker that holds 5-6 quarts, that is unless you’re feeding a bottomless pit teenage boy….

All in all, I wouldn’t be without my slow cookers. Yes. I have more than one!!!
(It’s the prepper in me. )