Wintertime Eating & Two Recipes

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Let’s face it. Most of us gain ‘a little’ weight in the wintertime. Be it all the goodies available during the holidays or the fact that it’s cold outside and we want warm nourishing foods. We typically are less active (because of the weather) and are likely to gain some weight.

It’s possible that some of us are more predisposed genetically to consume more calories during cooler weather. After all, a long time ago, our ancestors would’ve needed the extra fat to survive the winter.

Hormonal changes can also affect our appetite. A low level of neurotransmitters can create a big appetite. This phenomenon also increases depression and can be seen by those with seasonal or winter depression. It’s thought that the cold and the lack of sunlight also plays a part and the consumption of foods rich in carbs helps fight those symptoms.

Whatever the reason, we just want to bundle up in front of the fire and eat rich, filling foods.

HOWEVER, filling and fulfilling doesn’t have to mean a ton of calories.

For instance last night I whipped up some Chicken Orzo Soup. Lots of broth, some seasonings and a single chicken breast, oh and some orzo meant a nice, warm and comforting soup.

chicken orzo soup
chicken orzo soup

But since I’m also feeding others I knew I needed something with more carbs. Something a tad more filling and filling it was. I could only eat one slice of this damper-style bread. (Of course I ate it right out of the oven, hot, with steam rolling off it it, with a dab of melting butter….)

herb damper bread
herb damper bread

You can find the recipe for this damper-style herb bread here.

What’s a damper?

A damper is a bread that was historically made by European settlers in the Australian Outback. It was normally cooked right in the ashes of the campfire or in a cast iron skillet, or dutch oven. While my version incorporates yeast (hey I said it was a damper-style….) the original recipes just used self rising flour.

The bread was great! It doesn’t hurt to test your baking skills by trying new recipes, especially bread. Bread can fill up hungry tummies, especially in a survival situation.

How to get your feet wet? Try a new bread recipe every week. Use your bread machine if you want, it’s the practice that makes perfect.