You Won’t Get Sick & Tired of Rice

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Rice in Food Storage
Rice in Food Storage

You won’t get sick of rice.

You won’t get sick of that humongous amount of rice in your food storage because rice is so versatile.

The average American eats about 15 pounds of rice a year.* Compare that to what most food storage calculators tell you to store (on the high side) of a pound per person per day. Of course, storing that huge amount would mean you’d be eating rice heavily.

Then again, rice is versatile and easy to cook. For those of you who’ve only cooked instant or microwave rice you should know that rice doubles in volume when cooked. For two cups of finished rice, you’d start out with two cups of liquid and one cup of rice.

1 Heat water to boiling

2 When boiling, add rice, turn down to low and cover for 15-20 min

It’s that easy! No fancy cooker needed.

If you substitute chicken stock for the water you end up with chicken flavored rice. You can do the same with beef bouillon or veggie cubes. You could even add one of those shrimp flavoring packets from Ramen to the water.

Rice can be dolled up with pasta. A major boxed brand is rice and small pieces of broken spaghetti noodles. Another is rice and couscous.
Change the flavor with onion soup mix, or dehydrated onions, carrots or celery. Lucky folks can mix in a can of cream of mushroom soup and perhaps some chopped chicken for a full meal.

Rice is a great long-term survival food which provides needed carbohydrates for energy (45 per cooked cup.) Rice is good in your food storage plan because it will last years when properly stored (vacuum sealed and in a cool dark place) and because it’s not only a great side dish, it can be the basis for an entire meal.