Earth Day is April 22

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Earth Day is fast approaching.

Have you given any thought to upping your ‘earth friendly’ habits?

The truth is every day should be Earth Day. (It’s officially April 22.)

Does your city or town have a formal recycling program with little tubs for paper,glass and plastic? Do you utilize it?

Country folk ‘most of the time’ don’t have recycling available to them with their trash pickup. That is IF they even have a trash pickup! We have to save ours up and haul it to town to a recycling center. It takes effort but isn’t your home worth it?

water bottles
water bottles

When you recycle just one aluminum can saves enough money to run a television for a couple of hours. It also takes less energy to create NEW aluminum cans from recycled aluminum than it does to refine new aluminum.

When you recycle a glass jar you’re saving resources and keeping it out of a landfill where it may NEVER decompose.

Like glass, plastics also take forever and a day to decompose. With all the plastics filling the roadways and ditches it’s inevitable that rain will wash the plastics out to larger bodies of water (and eventually the ocean) where it affects marine life, and not in a good way.

bottle waste
bottle waste

So how can you do your part? Be consistent in your recycling efforts. Create spaces at work for workers to dispose of their aluminum and plastic ‘one use’ containers for recycling.

But items that have less packaging or reusable packaging. Consider a reusable washable water bottle for everyday use. Every single item that you keep out of the trash saves room in landfills (which are eyesores (and smelly as they produce methane gas)) and if recycled saves our finite resources.

Make every day “Earth Day”.