Gardening Moments in Time

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As our lives become busier than ever more of us are starting to realize that we need some time away from the craziness of life. Becoming more aware and mindful can help you to experience the joys of life in a fuller manner.

When you take time to stop and ‘smell the roses’ you’ll find that everything is better. Foods taste better when you take the time to savor the tastes and textures. Your relationships will be better because you’re actually paying attention. Senses become more engaged. You’ll learn to slow down.

smelling the tulips
smelling the tulips

In our increasingly hectic and crazy lives, more people are starting to realize that they need to take some time out from the hustle and bustle just to find some inner peace. Mindfulness allows you to turn off your ‘autopilot’ mode, and stop and experience life fully.

You’ll taste food better. Your relationships will be more engaging… and your senses will be heightened. You will not be in a perpetual rush to meet deadlines and keep running on a never-ending wheel like a hamster. And maybe even experience perfect moments in time (reference to The Inner Light episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation).

dandelion frozen in time
dandelion frozen in time

Gardening is enjoyed by people the world over. Gardening can help you calm your mind, your spirit and provides those little moments where you actually stop what you’re doing and ‘smell the roses’ or the tulips or admire a red tomato…

Your garden, whether a flower garden, a vegetable garden, herb bed or bee or butterfly planting can be your little oasis, a place of peace and calming in an otherwise crazy world. You’ll learn to connect with nature in all it’s forms and the physical activity releases endorphins to make you feel happier.

Garden Design

A good garden plan doesn’t just happen overnight. While you can just toss some wildflower seeds and be done with it a little preparation goes a long way. Think about where all the different plants should go. Place taller plants in the back of a flower bed with the shorter ones in front. Create a pathway through larger beds with interesting blooms along the way.

Envision in your mind how you’d like your perfect garden to look. Can you imagine all the plants in bloom, swaying in the gentle breeze, the warm sunlight casting shadows here and there? Can you ‘see in your mind’s eye’ butterflies fluttering around and smell the delightful scents?

Do you have a color scheme in mind? Or a style? (English style flower gardens are coming back into vogue!)

A good plan starts in your mind then put it to paper. You can then peruse the seed catalogs and the plant nurseries for the perfect plants for the perfect spots. Consider adding a bench or sitting area. You’ll want to sit and enjoy the garden.

Use Different Plants

In my garden I tend to stick with yellows and purples simply because I’m in the countryside and the native flowers that come up in the fields are mostly yellows and purples. But that doesn’t mean I won’t add some other pops of color!

wild sunflower
wild sunflower

Choose flowers/plants in colors that you love. Choose flowers with great scents. The tall phlox that grows in my front flower bed can be HEADY with fragrance when in full bloom. You get a whiff every-time you walk by and the bees and butterflies love it too.

Room for a water feature? One can never go wrong with a water feature. Whether it’s a bird-bath or a koi pond just the presence of water in a garden will draw in more butterflies (and birds,,, and tree frogs… and toads…) 🙂

Speaking of Wildlife

Encourage those toads. They eat a lot of bugs! Encourage one to live in the garden bed by using a broken clay flower pot upside down (or on it’s side). They’ll find refuge and become a part of your garden.

Use natural deterrents when necessary and do your best to avoid artificial or chemical poisons. You want nature to live and thrive in your own little piece of earth.

Your garden can become your refuge, a daily inspirational spot and place to find your own perfect moments in time.