Let’s Switch to Paper Straws

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You’ve probably heard about the huge problem we all have with plastics. They take forever to decompose! The Oceanic Society states that there is between four and 12 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean EVERY YEAR. That’s crazy that we have done this to our planet.

So how can we reduce our plastic consumption and help avoid the pollution of all of our waterways?

There are many ways…. but let’s thing today about something you probably use every single day. A straw. That drink from your local fast food place gives you a plastic straw. You drink your soda and trash both the cup and the lid and the straw.

Sure a lot of it does end up in a waste facility but you and I know that there are a lot blowing around on the streets. Those end up in the gutter, and get washed in the next rainstorm. But where to they go?

The roadside ditches lead to streams, creeks and rivers. Those rivers eventually merge or head straight to the ocean.


Let’s do our part to sip responsibly. Let’s all opt for paper straws. They’re made better than the were in the fifties (when paper straws were all you’d find) and won’t break down while you’re using them but will in the landscape.

Some restaurants are now switching over to paper straws or going strawless altogether which will be a boon to our planet.

While reducing our consumption of single-use plastics overall is a great strategy and can be accomplished if you just give a little forethought to what you purchase. Opt for cloth or paper grocery bags, glass or stainless water bottles, reusable cups and any other plastic container that you use once then trash.

Recycle what you can. Many municipalities have plastic recycling. If you live where this is an option then by all means set your plastic out for pickup. Country folks can save their plastic trash up and take it to the recycling center on their next trip to town.

If we each do our own part we can help reduce plastic in our waterways and help keep the planet (and water life) safer and cleaner.

Every little bit counts.