Show Your Patriotism

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It doesn’t matter what party you belong to. The only thing that matters is that you’re an American residing in the land of the free…

Show your patriotism.

I was in a small town the other day, you know the kind with a main street of commerce and the little town splaying out from there. I noticed that even though the 4th of July had passed that the town was still displaying proudly their US flags.

The flags were proudly flying up and down main street. A lot of houses were displaying the American flag as well. It was heart-warming. Once I’d noticed how patriotic this small-town-America was I began to notice U.S. flags elsewhere.

The post office flies a flag, the bank flies a flag, the park flies a flag, farmers fly a flag, shoot even my neighbor flies a flag!

Some folks took it a step further and also displayed the state flag, flags from their branch of the military, and even sports teams flags.

There’s no reason that we can’t all show our patriotism by flying a US flag on our homes. The American flag is a symbol of freedom. Instill pride in your neighborhood, and your country.

Children homeschooling? Installing a flag is a good time to share some United States flag history.

You don’t OWN a flag? You can fix that problem quite easily. You can find quality US flags at Flags Unlimited where you’ll find not only US flags but military, sports teams as well as wall attachments and poles.

When installing multiple flags on a flagpole you should know that flag etiquette dictates that the US flag flies at the top, above any other flag.

When I was young, in Scouts, we participated in flag ceremonies. We learned:

Never let the flag touch the ground.

Do not fly the flag upside down.

Do not carry the flag flat or use it to ‘carry’ anything.

Do not use the flag as clothing

Store where it will remain clean.

Do not use as a cover/blanket/poncho/shawl.

Allow the flag to fly free.

Let’s show some American patriotism! Fly your flags!