There’s Still Time to Make Holiday Gifts

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Time can certainly get away from us. As a society we are just so darn busy! Next week is the after Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday. Are you planning on buying ALL your gifts? Or are you planning on making some of them?

Homemade gifts come from the heart.

It’s probably too late in the year, unless you’re a prolific seamstress to start homemade quilts BUT there are other things you can whip up quick and easy.


Every woman on your list will probably love a homemade apron! What? They don’t cook? (My old office buddies rarely cooked a full meal at home so I know how that goes…) But you know what else they could use? One of the BIGGEST sellers this year at the fall craft fairs is bowl holders. Look them up! They’re easy to whip up and you can either buy coordinating fabrics or you can probably source out of your scraps (or stash.)

Thinking about gifts for those hard to buy for folks? Think CONSUMABLES. Homemade jellies and jams, lemon curd, preserves all make great gifts. So do cookie or brownie mixes in a jar. Just add a ribbon and a wooden spoon and you’re done. Have I got you thinking? How about different dried beans in a jar with seasonings? Dry rubs. Flavored salts.
freshly baked  bread
freshly baked bread

You can even go ahead and bake a loaf of bread. Wrap it in a nice dish towel and voila. Mason jars of candy… a plate of fudge…peppermint bark… cinnamon pecans…

One year I purchased pretty little glass jars, some Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans and some vodka (I ventured into a liquor store!) and steeped those beans for weeks. I was so proud of the dark lovely liquid which looked even better once bottled in those pretty little bottles. I gifted to co-workers and friends. A couple of the people really appreciated the gift but it’s sad to say but the majority of them didn’t know ‘what’ it was NOR what to do with it. Now, I save the good vanilla for close friends that I know bake.

Do you have a favorite homemade gift to give? To receive?