Truth in Naming a Product

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I have a couple of outdoor resin chairs that have seen better days. They’re covered in algae or could be mold from years of being stored outside in the elements. I tend to leave them where we sit. In other words I don’t pack them up for winter.

We recently had a couple of them bust. They were a dark green and they didn’t have any algae growing on them BUT the light colored ones all do.

I was in Home Depot last weekend and walked past a product called 30 Seconds. It claimed to clean my outdoor furniture in, well, 30 seconds. Whoa.. What? No freakin’ way was this gonna happen especially given the state of my chairs. I bought a gallon!

Fast forward to the following day…. there was a very light rain. Thinking that the rain would help with rinsing the product off the chairs I decided to try out the new stuff right away.

I braved the rain, pulled the chairs around to just off the porch, mixed up a batch in a spray bottle (I bought the concentrated product but it also comes in a pre-mixed spray bottle.) and sprayed in on a chair. All over the chair. Top/bottom/sides. Then I went inside to wash my hands and happened to look out the kitchen window. What did I see? A WHITE plastic chair. WHITE I tell ya. Not shades of gray but WHITE! OMG. This stuff was true to it’s name!

30 seconds cleaner in progress
30 seconds cleaner in progress


I thought ‘fer shure’ that I’d have to scrub the product in but nope. Not at all.

I then turned to the second chair, a loveseat and did just half of the chair so that hubs could see the difference (and you). Now the loveseat is beige, not white like the chair, but there’s a huge difference already! Granted there are a few spots that could benefit from an extra spray but I was just too excited to share! (Crazy country lady gets exciting over cleaning product…)

chairs after 30 seconds
chairs after 30 seconds

I’ve already told different family members about this product and now I’m sharing it with you. I got mine at Home Depot (not a Home Depot affiliate…) but they have them too at the big A (of which I am an affiliate…)