You Can Have Cozy Winters

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Fall is here and before you know it Jack Frost will be nipping at your windowsills trying his best to get in!

frost on windowsill
frost on windowsill

Is your house as warm as it should be in the wintertime? Do you go to bed all warm and cozy and wake up freezing because you have wood heat… which means YOU have to get up and start the fire?
fireplace remodeled
fireplace remodeled

No wood heat but you like to reduce your utility bill by keeping the thermostat as low as you can stand it? I feel your pain. But that doesn’t mean you have to be chilled to the bone all season long. There are things you can do to help keep the cold out.

Bubble-wrap can be placed on your windows to act as an extra layer of insulation. To do so, cut your bubble-wrap to size, mist the bubble side with water and press it against your window.

Extra blankets and quilts help keep the bed warm as do throw blankets in the living spaces. And if your spouse always has cold feet and tries to warm up their tootsies by trying to stick their toes under you… well just get them some rechargeable heated socks! (There are some new-fangled battery charged socks that you can control with your phone! Imagine that!)

When heading outdoors, (someone has to bring in the firewood) be sure to dress warmly from head to toe.

Keep an eye on your pets too. Make sure outside animals have a place out of the wind and ice as well as a supply of fresh water. Your indoor animals won’t be used to the drastic temperature changes so make sure they have a nice warm bed to return to.

With just a few preps you too can have a cozy winter.