A Prepper By Any Other Name

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Yesterday, on a cultural outing, we met an older couple. She was in her late sixties, he in his early eighties. They mentioned they were looking for property, perhaps in the area of the state we were visiting, to escape the big city that was slowly encroaching on their once semi-rural property.

Their property taxes had increased over $15000 in the last year. Can you even imagine? That in itself would be reason enough to pull up roots and find a new location.

We asked what they were looking to purchase. A condo? A house in a small town? Rural untouched property?

rural house
rural house

They responded that they were looking for a parcel of land, just a few acres, with a small house or a place they could build what they really wanted. The local realtor had been no help as they’d merely responded that all the smaller parcels were sold almost as soon as they hit the market. All that was available was either a huge acreage, houses in town or commercial property.

They wanted woods, a hill, a spot to build a pond, a spring or other year-round water source yet close enough to a city or town with some cultural activities. He wanted to paint and act in summer theater, she wanted an art studio. They wanted to spend their later years doing what they loved without the encumbrances of a big city and all the issues that went along with it, traffic, populous, regulations…

Being the prepper that I am, it was hard not to see the ‘prepper’ in them so I gingery asked, “So you want to homestead or are you preppers?”

(There is a difference, even if it’s slight. Homesteaders do tend to grow their own food, and put food by but they’re more motivated to be more ‘back to nature’ and self-sustaining . A prepper does those things too they’re often also planning for the breakdown of some utilitarian service and want to be more self-reliant in as many different areas as possible. This can range from food and water storage, types of shelter, learning new skills, security…)

She responded with “I’m not sure you’d call us preppers but it doesn’t hurt to ‘think’ about things and be prepared.”

A smile erupted on my face. Yes, they might not have called themselves preppers but that’s what they were!

You see a prepper by any other name is still a prepper!


They already had an actual farm-type windmill ready to move to the countryside as well as solar they were planning on taking with them. They wanted to grow their own food, raise some small-scale meat animals (such as rabbits and chickens) and be able to source their own water.
hen with chicks
hen with chicks

While you might think their age might be a deterrent, but at least in this case, you’d be wrong.

They were fit, capable, knowledgeable and determined.

We gave them a few suggestions on where to begin to look to find everything they wanted and from one prepper to another, we wish them (and every like-minded individual) luck in all their self-reliance endeavors, no matter their ages.