Be a Good Neighbor

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This isn’t an insurance commercial. Just words of wisdom.

It pays to have good neighbors. It pays to be a good neighbor.

Sometimes, those that consider themselves preppers, like to seclude themselves away from everyone and everything. That’s ok, but there’s bound to be a neighbor somewhere.

Maybe that neighbor’s house isn’t squished up right next to yours like it was in town, maybe that neighbor is a few hundred yards away, or acres away, or even miles away for those truly ‘out there’. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your neighbor.

There may come a time when you need that neighbor. Your vehicle may have slid off your unpaved road. A tree may have fallen in your path or on your barn. There could be an emergency. Did you know that response times for emergencies can be a half hour or more in the country? It’s ways from the fire house and even further to a hospital.

on the fence?
on the fence?

Knowing your neighbor is smart. Getting to know each other, at least to some degree, has the potential to help each other out. Sure, you don’t want to divulge too much…. but friendly neighbors are a positive any way you look at it.

You sure don’t want to get on the bad side of a neighbor that you need to pass by daily.

Be nice.

Say Hi.

Stop and check on them every now and then.

Country folks moved to the countryside for a slower simpler life. They help others out and they expect their neighbors to do the same.

Wave to your neighbor and BE that helpful neighbor so that when/if the time comes you have a helping hand nearby. (Good fences help too.)