Be Inventive – You Can Do This

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Are you home with the family because it’s spring break or because school and work decided to take the high road and let everyone work from home this week (and maybe next?)?

So what ARE you doing with all this extra time?

Sure, there are precautions to take, just in case, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment scouring the net or chasing channels for updates. You’ll end up stressing yourself and your children.

Take the time to enjoy this time with the family.

Dig out the board games? Don’t have many? The Ebay sellers have some, and often at bargain prices (plus the mailman delivers them to your door!) Dig out craft projects. Do science experiments with the kids. Have adventures in the house/yard.

If you didn’t make it to the store in time rest assured there are things you can do without. If you run out of toilet paper you can use facial tissues, paper towels, even cut up old tshirts. JUST DON’T FLUSH THESE or you’ll need a plumber.

Worried about what to eat? There are tons of recipes online and even a website or two where you can search by ingredient. One of my favorite ways to fill up growing kids and hungry men is chicken and dumplings. You CAN make this with frozen/fresh chicken BUT canned works just as well.

chicken & dumplings
chicken & dumplings

You don’t even have to use as much chicken as it calls for. Wing it. It’ll be fine… and filling.

You can make casserole dishes. Casseroles are a good way to stretch what you have. Casseroles are like the drink combinations at Sonic. There are MANY variations.

A simple way to make a casserole is one part starch (rice or pasta) plus a can of cream of anything soup, plus a can of meat (tuna/chicken/ham). You can then add to it as you see fit. Like Italian, add some Italian seasoning. Like cheese, add some. Like veggies? Add a can of that. Casseroles are very versatile and you don’t necessarily need to cook in the oven, just cook it on top of the stove as you would the ever popular ‘helpers‘.

And if the pantry is a little bare… make soup! A soup base starts with water. Some flavoring would be nice such as chicken broth or bouillon. Save those leftover vegetables and little pieces of meat all week in a container in the freezer. At the end of the week…. make soup!

Got a bread machine? Get it out and bake some bread. Bread is very filling.

Got a yard? Start some seeds! Of course it’s still too chilly most places to start outside but you can start some in a windowsill. Got some romaine? Stick the bottom part in a jar of water in the window sill and it’ll regrow!

Regrowing Romaine
Regrowing Romaine

This also works with celery and onions. Other items can be rooted and planted outside such as sweet potatoes and ginger!

Most of all, don’t panic. We will get through this and be better for it. Take the time to spend ‘quality’ time with the family. No kiddos? LEARN something! Learn to knit or crochet or take an online class. It’ll help you get your mind off sour things and focusing on the good.

Be inventive. You’ve got this.