Bug Out of the Insanity

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There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ going on right now. Just when all of us were thinking that this sickness was about to dissipate along comes violence. Goodness.

If you reside in a metropolitan area where the protests are/were held you might have considered it time to bug out.

You prepared in advance.

You have your bug-out bags and supplies ready to go at a moments notice. You’ve planned where to go, how to get there and considered many possibilities along the way. When you do decide to get outta Dodge you need to continue to be aware.

Awareness is key.

You mustn’t let your guard down.

You are responsible for you and your families safety. You should be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pay attention to crowds of gathered people. People, like animals, can attack for seemingly no reason at all. Try to blend in so as not to startle anyone around you. Know different ways in and out of your neighborhood. Know different ways to your bugout location so that you can avoid the interstates especially if they’re all backed up.

Now is not the time to take along a neighbor or anyone that will be selfish, add drama or chaos to the situation. Your responsibility is to yourself and your immediate family.

Your bugout should be as unobservable as possible. Cell phones turned off. No jingle jangle in your backpacks. No clicky clacky shoes. No loud motors. Your bugout bag as well as each family members should be full but not so heavy that each person can’t carry their own. They even make bugout bags for your dog so that they can carry their own food, medicines etc.

Attempt to be the gray man when bugging out.

When you first hit the road the roadways may be packed with cars trying to all get out of the area. This is when your alternate routes can come into play. Either way, with distance, the traffic should thin out. Pack your vehicle so that nothing ‘important’ shows. Your weapons, should you need them, should be easily accessible but not observable from the windows. Wear clothes that blend in. Nothing too bright, too colorful or expensive looking.

Be casual and do your best not to draw attention to you and your family. Kids with brightly colored hair should wear a baseball cap. Anything to help you and yours blend in is helpful.

car packed
car packed

Once you reach your destination, be that Grandma’s place in the country, your lake cabin, or tent in the woods just be certain to keep your awareness level up. Don’t lower your guard. Do one thing at a time. Stay focused. Stay quiet. Continue to blend in. Keep as much of your supplies in one place, ready to go if need be.

Not everyone will want to bug out. Not everyone will need to. BUT if you live near or within an area where protests (and other discord) are going on you should certainly consider doing so.

Use your intuition. If your gut is telling you it’s time to go, then GO.