Clothing for Survival Preps

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When you think ahead, you’re just being smart.

You want to protect yourself, your family and your home. You want to create an emergency or preparedness ‘closet’ that will get you and your family though a crisis, should one arise. (This doesn’t have to be flood, tornado or worse… it could just be loss of a job.)

We’ve touched on other aspects of preparedness including ‘putting by’, but have you given much thought to clothing?

What Constitutes Survival Clothing?

Some folks just tell you to have an extra set of clothes (and walking shoes) in your car or bugout bag. But thinking about clothing in a survival situation can be as simple as what you have in your bugout bag in your car or you can go deep and create a space in the house just for this purpose.
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Hard Weather

Those times of the year when it’s sweltering as well as those times of the year when the temperatures drop below zero can wreck havoc on your preparedness.

It’s a good idea to have your ‘extra set’ of clothing in your vehicle or bugout bag that you rotate at least semi annually. Spring is warm but it’s also has cool nights. Did you pack a light jacket?

Family in the rain
Family in the rain


During the wintertime your aim is to stay warm and dry. Don’t pack away ALL your winter gear in the attic or shed. You’ll want some in a handy location (and of course in your vehicle).

Look for wool sweaters, rain repellent coats and jackets, extra socks and boots. Stock up on winter markdowns in the spring. You can often find knitted caps and gloves for pennies on the dollar.


Summertime is just plain hot. Sometimes it’s scorching. You want sun protection such as lightweight cotton long sleeved shirts and pants, sunscreen, sunglasses and of course wide brimmed hats. Having to walk a good distance in the sweltering heat coupled with high humidity will make you wish you’d packed a long sleeve cotton shirt and a sun shading hat. Light colored clothing helps reflect the sun rays off and helps you spot bugs easier. Summertime is tick season.

Spring and Fall

Spring and Fall are more moderate but there’s still the chance of inclement weather. You also want to keep rain gear such as a plastic poncho and light jackets for cool nights. We also tend to ignore the suns rays during the milder months but you can still get a sunburn so be prepared.

All-Season Items

No matter what season, there are some survival clothing items that should be kept nearby at all times. Circumstances will differ but consider keeping:

work gloves AND warm gloves
(leather work gloves can save you from many a blister)
Waterproof and wide brimmed hat
Parka or rain jacket or poncho
snow and rain boots

When you create a survival kit or survival closet you can rest assured that you’ve taken another step to keeping yourself and your family safer. Think about what goes into your preparedness stash as each of us will have different requirements.

Take the time this month to create a box, a storage tub, or convert your old coat closet to a preparedness closet.

Being prepared just makes sense.