Epidemic Protocols on a Personal Level

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There are always signs. You’ve seen the movies and there are always signs.

Maybe one person, then a few people come down with some strange symptoms. Doctors are baffled. After the incubation period, which could range from days to months, the infected become worse or he might even die, sometimes quickly.

sick person
sick person

Epidemiologists will try to figure out the cause and try to determine exactly what happened, what caused the issue and what to do about it but until proper diagnosis can be made, and working treatments available most ‘tries’ can be just a shot in the dark.

When a disease is infectious all those that were around patient zero can/will become infected. It will spread.

If you watch the news, or visit an alternate news source, you might begin hearing or reading about more and more cases. This would be an impending health disaster in the works.


Hopefully you can find out if the disease is airborne, water borne or if you need to be in close contact with an infected person for the contagion to spread.

So, what are your choices?

You can evacuate the area. This may mean bugging in, going to your bug out location, visiting relatives in a far off state, or simply being out and away from the crowds of people until the situation resolves.

You’ll want to avoid proximity to everyone outside your immediate family (assuming your family isn’t contagious). You might need to take off from work and isolate yourself and your family at one of the aforementioned locations.

You’ll want to avoid public transportation. No trains, no airplanes, no buses, no Uber. Don’t have a vehicle? Rent one but be sure to disinfect the entire interior. Clorox wet wipes and spray Lysol should help.

Check your supplies. A prepared household should already have ample medical and first aid supplies on hand as well as plenty of food,and a source of water.

Eat well. Avoid fast food, junk food, alcohol and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Have you stocked up on Vitamin C?

IF you must go out into the crowd use a face mask. Carry hand sanitizer and use it regularly. Avoid touching elevator buttons, door knobs and touching your face. When you get back leave your shoes at the door and sanitize the clothes you were wearing by laundering them, in their own load, with disinfectant such as Clorox (for whites) or Lysol, even Pine Sol.

face mask
face mask

Do you own an air purifier? Now might be a good time to acquire one.

Simply do your best to avoid contamination and contamination of your home and family by practicing cleanliness and good hygiene. Doing so will aid in the goal of being one of the unaffected.