Essential Oils and First Aid

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Do you keep ‘at least a few’ bottles of essential oils in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet? I keep these on hand.

Lavender Oil
If you only have one oil, I’d suggest a bottle of lavender essential oil. Useful for burns, it’s calming, and useful as a sleep aid. I’m partial to a Bulgarian lavender but there are several different varieties of lavender available.

Lavender essential oil (EO) is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and naturally aids in pain relief. This oil encourages healing, fights inflammation and more. It’s a must for my medicine cabinet.

NOT an essential oil
NOT an essential oil

Tea Tree Oil
I also wouldn’t be without a bottle of Tea tree oil. Not only is tea tree antiseptic it’s also beneficial for disinfecting wounds as it helps fight infections of all kinds, and is an excellent respiratory aid. Wounds should be washed and then dab diluted tea tree to help keep infection at bay.

Clove Oil
In the old days folks would use essential oil of clove when they had a toothache. While that use isn’t as commonplace anymore it’s still a good idea to have on hand. The dentist isn’t always open! A drop or two on a cotton ball (diluted of course)and apply direct on the troublesome tooth.

Eucalyptus Oil
We use eucalyptus oil around here when someone is all stuffed up because of a cold. It helps clear the sinuses. Alternately you can use eucalyptus on itchy insect bites.(Always dilute any EO.)

Frankincense is an excellent EO to keep on hand. It’s a little pricey but has multiple medicinal uses. It’s antiseptic, used on wounds, and an astringent. You’ll sometimes see toothpaste with added frankincense.

also NOT an essential oil
also NOT an essential oil

Chamomile is a delightful oil and it’s a little bit pricey too! Chamomile EO is used to combat anxiety and doubles as a natural allergy reliever. Chamomile has both antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and is excellent in calming especially those with sleep issues
I prefer to buy my oils from simply because I trust that I’ll be getting the exact oils I want. Oils that haven’t been adulterated. GC/MS reports available, oils sourced responsibly. I’m not affiliated with other than I’m a longtime customer.

Essential oils are a highly concentrated and should always be diluted. Use your favorite carrier oil.