Evacuation Plans

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Everyone that preps does so for a different reason. One might be wary of a global pandemic while another could be deeply concerned about an EMP or even an Earth shattering asteroid!

road flooded
road flooded

While we all hope that we’re doing all we can to prepare for ‘what might come’ we should also consider the possibility of having to evacuate or ‘bug out’ of our homes. You might already have a plan in mind. But what about those families with small children?

Roads could be impassable due to power lines, floods or earthquakes. An EMP might take out the electronics on your vehicle. How ‘far’ is it to your evacuation spot? Is it in walking distance? Walking distance with kids in tow?

Have you even had a family ‘sit down’ where you discuss a plan? The kids need to know what to do if they’re home alone. You and your spouse need a plan in case one of you is away from the home. Will you meet at the house? The park? Or at your pre-determined location?

When a crisis happens there is often little time to ‘think’. You just have to act.

Having prepared a plan beforehand, and discussed it with your family, and perhaps even ‘play acted’ it out will HELP your loved ones act without thinking too hard. Having a prepared plan helps keep people from panic. If they know what they’re supposed to do they’re more likely to stick to the plan and stay relatively calm. I discussed this a little deeper last year in my post titled “Emergency Planning Helps Alleviate Panic in Children”. There’s even a handy dandy worksheet to print out.

Emergency Preparedness Childrens Worksheet

Many churches have a ‘prayer chain’. Your own personal ‘phone chain’ should work in a similar fashion. Part of your planning should include one child calling Mom and the other calling Dad. This keeps the phone lines less busy and helps put things in order and avoids duplication.

If their phones are working you’ll often find that your phone will still text. For shorter range communication consider walkies for each family member. These should go into your bug-out bags with the batteries checked every 6 months.

family walking
family walking

Is there a family pet? Don’t leave them behind!

Your dog can walk, you just need a leash and consider a backpack for the dog too. They can carry some of their own supplies. A cat will probably have to go into a carrier. Do you have one? I don’t mean the cardboard one the cat came home in, a real cat carrier with a carry handle. If you’re walking…. you might want to have a wagon to pull goods or kids in.

Every situation can be made better with a plan in hand.