Fluff for the Masses

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A long long time ago I was an avid sweepstaker. Someone that entered sweepstakes… a lot. I had subscriptions to a couple different sweeping newsletters that came in the MAIL. I even had a budget of one roll of stamps a month to use in sweeps entering. (That’s a hundred stamps.) I even had a program on my computer that kept track of entries. Of course I had to enter all that information, but I did and on a daily basis.

There were tricks to entering. Some seasoned sweepers swore on early entries. Others late entries and some even like to send in entries over the whole period of the sweepstakes. I did a bit of both and yes, there were enough ‘wins’ to justify the ‘hobby’. Bicycles, pool floats, cameras… it was a long list.

Somewhere over the course of time I quit that hobby. Too many other things take up my time these days.

Nevertheless, as today was the last day of the year it hit me that today would be a good day to enter sweeps, as many end on the last day of the month and year. Curiosity got the better of me and I ventured over to a sweeps site and looked at the multitude of sweeps ending today.

There were tons.

As I perused them I noticed that as I had matured, the nature of the winnings had changed over the years. Sure there were a few sweepstakes with prizes that could be considered prepper related. There were trucks, four wheelers, fishing gear and many high-end coolers but the majority of the prizes were fluff. You know stuff the mainstream population might want or desire. Things like fancy makeup, diamond earrings, trips to Bermuda and other ‘excess’ type givings.

Beware of shiny when you're building your future.
Beware of shiny when you’re building your future.

The only reason, besides marketing, that these companies would offer such fluff is that is what the mainstream society wants.

I see it at the grocery store, the box store and even in the thrifts. People buying ‘stuff’ they don’t need.

We can all do better. What would be better for your family? A trip to an island, a pair of diamond stud earrings or a freeze dryer?

Let’s be better conservators of our monies into the new year.

Make plans to up your food storage and your hand tools this coming year. No funds? Start small.

Buying canned goods for the weekly shopping trip and something your family eats all the time is on sale? Stock up.

There are many different food storage plans available all across the internet. Get one of those and at least attempt to follow it. Doing so just ‘may’ add a few bucks to the weekly shopping trip but over the coming year you can amass a good amount of stored food.

Think you can just get by on a weekly basis? Sure, you probably could…. for a while. But what happens if there’s an ice storm/flood/fire/or other devastation that either keeps you from the store, keeps the store from getting a resupply or you loose your income?

It pays to be prepared and the beginning of a new year is a good time to start.