Gifting a Survival Knife

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How do you know which survival type knife to buy for the preppers on your Christmas gift list?

Let’s compare!

A well-prepared ‘prepper’ should have a knife in their bug-out-bag or survival gear. Such a knife has many purposes. It can, of course, be used as a weapon to defend yourself or your family. It can also be used to help forage/hunt for food.

A good multi-purpose survival knife can also be used to cut wood or slice through rope or even to clear brambles.

There are many different kinds of survival knives but the best one will depend on how you plan to use it. There are three basic kinds of survival knives, the fixed blade, the folding blade and the multi-tool. Each has it’s place.

The fixed blade knife is usually stronger and sturdier than the folding blade knife (which is commonly referred to as a pocket knife), or the multi-tool knife. However, a fixed blade might not be as easy to carry on your person or to conceal. You can find one that comes with a leather sheath that will go on your belt. This makes it easier to carry and use.

The folding blade knife is folds up and is concealed within the handle. Many country folk carry a pocket knife in their pocket daily. My octogenarian father still carries one! This keeps it handy for the mundane such as cutting off a price tag, cutting a broken fingernail, and a myriad of other uses. It is not however the best knife for defense due to the fact that the blade is shorter and is not as strong as a fixed blade knife.

A multi-tool survival knife is a favorite among preppers, survivalists and homesteaders. This type of knife features other attachments that make it easy to use in a variety of circumstances. Other handy tools that you might find on this knife include: scissors, pliers, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a wire-stripper, and a can opener.

You’ll find that some multi-tools are geared towards specific sports. Some might be considered best for hunting, others for sports. Blades might be made of different materials. You’ll find stainless steel, ceramic and carbon steel. Each has it’s place.

Ceramic blades are tough, but also fragile. My favorite ‘kitchen’ knife is a ceramic knife. They’re good for slicing, dicing and outside uses such as cleaning a fish. However they can chip or break if dropped or bumped up against a cast iron skillet (or rock).

When buying a knife as a gift think about what the recipient might want to do with it. Are they hunters? Campers? Homesteaders? Bakers? Preppers?

No matter which knife you ultimately choose you’ll know that the knife will be put to good use and your gift recipient will be a little bit more prepared for the future.