Have You Tried ‘Survival Food’?

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No matter whether you plan on ‘bugging in’, staying in a shelter, or even bugging out on food you know that in addition to shelter and water your next big concern will be nourishment.

Assuming that you’ve either water storage, a well (and a way to get the water out of the well) or perhaps a pond (and a filtration device) you can be set on water. Emergency food storage can be wheat berries in five gallon buckets…. beans in vacuum sealed jars… canned good with long expiration dates but it can also be lightweight, easy to use, easy to store ‘long term’ food storage such as those provided by several companies in the form of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods.

You want a minimum of three days of food for your family which most often can be found right in your own cabinets. Most folks haven’t planned much more than a weeks worth of meals and can probably scrounge up enough meals out of what’s already in the house for a week or so… if they had to.

But wouldn’t it be better for your family overall if you had some longer term food storage? Aside from canning food yourself, stocking up on canned goods, there’s always emergency food supplies you can get to feed your family for a much longer time frame. Wouldn’t the knowledge that you could feed your family for months be a relief?

I recently acquired some longer term food storage from a couple of different places… just to try them out before ordering a larger amount.

Hikers know that carrying freeze-dried and dehydrated foods can lighten the load. After a long day (whether hiking or in a disaster mode) what family wouldn’t love some Pasta Primavera or Chili Mac?

Legacy Foods Coupon 10/10
Legacy Foods Coupon 10/10

Or these sausage crumbles, whole egg powder, freeze dried white meat chicken and little meatballs? Man oh man…

Freeze dried foods
Freeze dried foods

Of course…. I’d save these to use once I’d used up all the fresh fruits/vegetables and meats, followed by freezer and refrigerator foods, followed by canned goods and long term non-perishables (vacuum sealed beans and rice….)

Don’t get overwhelmed. If you’re just starting on a food storage plan think about what you already eat. Pick canned goods that you already eat and next time you buy one – get an extra can. Buy peanut butter (unless you’re allergic) as it lasts a long time, tastes good and provides a lot of good calories.

Stock up on canned meats and canned goods like ravioli, spag o’s and the like. You ‘can’ eat those cold ya know. Also think about moral boosters such as instant cocoa, instant soups… chocolate candies…

If in doubt, talk to your family about what they’d want, what you should stock up on. Getting their input will help them see the need and responsibility of keeping foodstuffs on hand. They might even learn to tell you that you’re running low on something before you run out!