Having A Full Pantry Doesn’t Mean You’re a Hoarder

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Having a prepper pantry, or just a full pantry doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder. It means you were prepared, and thinking about your family’s future needs all along.

In fact, having a full pantry or larder to normal to a lot of people. Folks that live a ways from the grocery store, folks that like to live the self-sufficiency lifestyle, certain religious groups, or even just someone with a large family. To many having a pantry full of food is quite normal.

dried food in jars
dried food in jars

However there is a slight difference between your regular pantry and a prepper pantry. Your prepper pantry is well thought out and meant to last. It’s where you keep food that, in the event of an emergency, will help your family to live more normal lives. These foods are typically shelf-stable items. Things like rice, dry beans, canned goods as well as some dehydrated or freeze-dried foods. Having different kinds of foods can help in the long run.

Anyone can benefit from having a ‘grocery store in the house’. As recent events show one can never tell what might happen and if/when you’ll be upset with yourself that you didn’t stock up. Having extra on hand can help you get by without a need to run to the store. (The supply chain will recover as soon as people stop panic buying. Leave some for your neighbors and the elderly. As long as we’re talking about it, have you checked on the elderly you know?)

When things have returned to normal just buy a little extra with each shopping trip. You don’t need to clean out the shelf, just buy a little extra to put back. If canned corn is on your list for dinner next week, buy an extra can.

You probably make a lot of the same meals over the course of a month. A good way to figure out what you can store is to figure out exactly what you need to make your most often cooked meal. Let’s say spaghetti. At the very basic you’d need a package of spaghetti noodles and a can of spaghetti sauce. If you wanted to each spaghetti once a week for a month you’d need four packages of pasta and four cans of sauce.

I once took notes to figure out EXACTLY how much of each item I used. I detailed that here in “Knowing what to store” but basically I wrote down every single item I used in the kitchen over the course of a month, then multiplied that by twelve. This let me know what to stock up on, what to watch out for sales on, etc. Of course, eat what you store and store what you eat. Rotate, rotate, rotate.

Everyone’s family will be different AND menus can change. You may end up with a family member with a peanut allergy, a gluten intolerance or even with more serious digestive issues.

Your pantry will/can be your lifetime in the event of an emergency whether that emergency is making everyone homebound or a weather event, job loss… etc… Your pantry is there to get you through the event without worry.

So, hopefully you already had provisions in place. If not, buy responsibly and if you have any outdoor space at all, start a garden!