Health Tips for the New Year

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Can you walk uphill or up stairs without getting winded? Trouble walking the BIG grocery stores? Trouble lifting goods or little kids? It’s time to become more prepared with your health.

You can’t be totally prepared if you aren’t at the top of your game.

out of shape pears
out of shape pears

Health Tips for the New Year

1. Most of us are dehydrated. Be sure to get that 6 to 8 glasses of water in every day.
2. Headache? That might be the dehydration. Try drinking a glass of water before reaching for a pain reliever.
3. Can’t drink straight water? Try adding a slice of lemon or lime.
4. Kids getting hefty? Consider what you’re cooking and feeding the whole family. Opt for healthier choices.
5. Get your kids active. Exercise can be renamed ‘play’. Get them doing something physical!
6. Don’t put the kids on a diet. Merely focus on good foods and slowing the gain.
7. Get the family involved in planning and cooking meals to get them interested in healthier choices.
8. Step away from the cell phone, the computer and your electronics. Get moving!
9. Cut back on caffeine by having the one drink then switch to water.
10. Party time? Cut back on the alcohol by mixing wine with soda water.
11. Still drinking alcohol? The higher the alcohol content, the higher the excess calories.
12. Red wines have more alcohol than white and therefore a higher calorie content.
13. Avoid carbs for at least an hour after exercise so your body will burn fat first.
14. Pet allergies? Change your air filters often.
15. Fresh fruit is easier to digest than canned or dehydrated.
16. Cranberries AND pears are good for your bladder health.
17. Bladder infections often? Cut back on spicy foods, acidic foods and caffeine.
18. Dieting? Starches and sugary foods should make up less than a third of your diet plan.
19. Sunglasses in the winter? Yes, use sunglasses that block 88-100% of UV-A & UV-B.
20. Trouble sleeping? Avoid caffeine after 2pm.

The better your health, which includes your weight, the better off you’ll be in your preparedness journey. Can’t build a log cabin, a chicken coop, if you’re out of shape. You body is yours. Treat it well.