Help Stave Hunger US & Abroad

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Most folks in the preparedness community, whether you’re a single Mom stretching meals to last til the next payday, a gardener putting up produce for later consumption, or a homesteader, or just those that like to think ahead, are concerned, in one way or the other, about hunger, not only here but the world over.

Climate change, whether you’re a devotee of global warming (or the cooling we were warned about decades before) causes a disruption in the growing and distribution of food, both here and abroad.

Those that are hungry need help. The sooner more people can become self-sufficient the better the world will be. But, in the meantime, there are people that are hungry the world over.


When there’s extreme weather, be that a hurricane, tornado, heat-wave or drought, people are affected. In other countries, children have to leave school to help in the fields. Sometimes those families can become separated from each other as one or more will have to go off in search of food. There are still places in this world where the women have to walk miles to carry water back to their homes. Often times, school aged girls have to forego their education to help feed and provide water for their households. Conflicts can arise between neighbors, and towns due to limited food and water resources.

Currently, in West Africa, a prominent water source, Lake Chad, has almost dried up due to warming in the area. Just at that location there are over 2 million displaced souls and another 8 million in need of assistance.

Similarly, in South Sudan, the rapid deforestation has led to more hunger. Farmers are abandoning their crops due to them being stolen and instead are focusing on selling charcoal, which comes from the ‘oh so needed’ trees.

Those countries aren’t alone. There’s drought in Syria and Yemen and too much water in Haiti and Bangladesh.

There are humanitarian efforts at work in these areas and more. The Perfect Climate for Hunger campaign uses education as well as action in supporting the World Food Program. The WPF works in over 80 countries by providing food assistance during disasters, helping communities build irrigation canals and terraces for growing, and helping the small local farmers by educating them how to store their harvest for food during the leaner times.

Preppers, and those in the preparedness community, know how important it is to have some food/water stored for emergencies, whether that emergency lasts a couple days, a couple weeks, and for the more prepared a year (or more). Some religions tell their followers to have a year’s worth of food on hand.

Have you checked your food storage lately? Inventoried the pantry and freezer? On your way to a more self-sufficient lifestyle do a little something for those in need. Support organizations like your local food bank, and the World Food Program whenever you can. It’ll make the world a better place.