Iced in?

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Are you in a part of the United States that got snow or ICE this weekend?

We didn’t get hit as hard as they expected but we still got ice and snow. I could hear the ice hitting the skylights in the wee hours of the morning. Wasn’t too sure how much was on the ground until daybreak.

ice storm
ice storm

The bad part about living in the country during the winter is the roads. Those in the city and towns probably have easy access to paved maintained roads. In fact, I was in the city yesterday and spotted the sand trucks getting ready.

Those in the towns and cities have well maintained, sanded and plowed (if needed) roads. Country folk rarely get sand trucks! This means that while our city friends are out and about we stay in (if we can.)

City roads frequently have curbs which keep sliding vehicles from sliding off the road. In the country an icy patch can send you off the road rather easily. And the sides of the roads in the country have ditches. BIG ditches! Something you can’t just drive out of.

So we stay in.

Snowy days with icy roads are a good time to check your preps. Were you ready? Did you have enough foodstuffs to last til the roads are clear?

If not. Now’s the time to add all those things you realized you needed on your pantry preparedness list (aka your shopping list) so that you’ll be better prepared next time.

Opt for a few cans of easily prepared foods such as canned soups and pastas. You can do without milk and bread for a few days, really you can. You don’t need to chance the roads just for basics ESPECIALLY if you’re on top of the pantry.

How’s the heat? Instead of heating the house to summertime temps try to maintain a lower temp and have everyone dress in layers. It’ll save money and wear on your system.

Got wood heat? Did you have enough cut and put back, or delivered? Did you have kindling? Not the best time to need it and not have it.

Prepping is an everyday ‘job’ and requires one to always be thinking.

So while you’re bundled up watching Netflix, grab a pen and paper and make a note of what you’re lacking. Then make a plan to resolve those needed items so that you aren’t stuck in the cold ever again.

Stay warm, safe and full.