Internet’s Down – Get Some Gardening Done

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So what do you do when your internet is down? And down for almost a week?

You get some stuff done around the homestead!

Yes, we had an issue with our ATT DSL this past week. We were DOWN. DOWN. DOWN. AND, you may not realize it but that means that our cell phones don’t work either! We’re in a spot that requires internet for our cells to work. I ‘could’ get two intermittent bars if I stood on the roof… in the cold wind… (For those that don’t know we live in an earth-sheltered home so roof access is easy, just walk on up!) But all that down time meant no blog posts, no social media posts as well as the business activity that we do online.

But stuff got done!

I looked over the raised garden beds and realized that the one bed that I’d tried hugelkultur on last year had lowered it’s level. Hugelkultur is basically a gardening method that utilizes a base of logs and branches, leaves and of course dirt. The lowering was from some of the wood naturally rotting in the ground. But that meant I needed more dirt to fill it out.

Did you know that I deplore digging?

So I went to Home Depot and parked near the gardening department. But wouldn’t you know it? The gate was locked. So after a LOT of walking; back to the main entrance, all the way to the garden center, looking for a cart, locating the dirt in the way far corner (of course) lugging it wet and sloppy onto the cart, and hauling it all the way back to the other end to the checkout…. then all the way back to the vehicle.

Bags of dirt and compost are heavy. Would’ve loved a little bit of help loading but I AM CAPABLE! 🙂

After I got them home I’d wished I’d purchased a potting soil cart like I’d purchased as a gift for Mother once…. (They were on clearance last year at Sams. I could kick myself!)

My regular poly cart was filled with firewood in anticipation of an icy day. So…. I used my dolly and a bungee to hold the bag upright in order to move the dirt to the bed. Who wants to make multiple trips carrying 40lb bags? Not me!

I dumped the purchased composted dirt in the bed.

Raised bed
Raised bed

And leveled it out. Doesn’t it look nice?

It’s all ready to plant.