Is There a Difference Between Preppers & Survivalists?

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Is there a difference between those who consider themselves preppers versus those that consider themselves survivalists?

Yes and no.

Some people think that the terms are interchangeable but there truly is a difference mostly in their overall thoughts/actions and outcomes.

cabin in the woods
cabin in the woods

There are certainly commonalities between the two. Both are planning on being ready for some imminent disaster. Both types spend time, money and other resources to help make themselves and their family ready for what may come, be that a flood, tornado, medical outbreak or even an unlikely disaster scenario. They both take into account not only what they, and their families, might need during an event but what they’d need to overcome and live after an event.

In my mind, the real difference between the two groups is seriousness. Now, don’t get me wrong, almost everyone that considers themselves a prepper OR a survivalist both take themselves and their preparations quite seriously. But often times the survivalist will take things a step further.

The prepper might stockpile buckets of beans and rice enough for weeks (or months) and while the survivalist might do the same they also have a good supply of seeds put back for future use as well as hunting tools for wild game.

hunting for wild game
hunting for wild game

The prepper tends to think about bugging in with all their stored foodstuffs or bugging out to a pre-determined location similarly stocked.

A survivalist may have his food storage but he also have have caches of buried containers with food/seeds/weapons and plan to live more off the land (if need be.) In other words, the survivalist tends to plan to do exactly what he needs to to survive, at all costs.

The length that both types will go to prepare and stockpile varies upon the person, their location and their financial means.

All in all, both groups are very similar and you might even feel like you fall into both groups and that’s ok. Just keep on growing, storing, learning, planning so that you and your family have the best potential to survive, no matter the scenario.

Optimism rules.

pantry of home canned goods
pantry of home canned goods

Prepping/Survival Tips
Keep your old jeans in that smaller size. In the event of an actual emergency you will lose weight.
Keep old lidded jars.
Buy more canning jars.
Learn to can.
Learn to dehydrate.
Improve your gardening skills.
Plant a fruit or nut tree.
Locate water sources.
Buy extra gardening tools (yard sales)
Buy quilts and down comforters (not poly filled)
Get a good knife.
Practice anything that needs practicing.
Get in better shape.
Fill out that first aid kit and medications.
Save old towels and old sheets.
Sheer curtains can become mosquito tents or row covers.
Got a tent?