Is There Water on Your New Homestead?

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What do you do if the property you chose has no running water?

There are options.

Is there a pre-existing water pipe or well? A lot of older homes sometimes either just capped off the well or pipes when they started using ‘city’ water.

An old used well ‘might’ be salvageable. Sometimes the well pump goes out and the homeowner can’t figure out a way to rectify the problem. I’ve seen this addressed on the popular TV show, Homestead Rescue. Sometimes it’s as simple as buying a new well pump. Perhaps the prior owner was in a financial pinch and didn’t know how to do it themselves. You CAN pull a deep well pump and replace it.

If you’re lucky you might find a property with an underground cistern ready to use. Or a spring up the hillside you can use to build your own.

dogs in muddy water
dogs in muddy water

Unless you’re in a very dry environment you can dig a pond to catch future rainfall. You CAN do this yourself as well. My own pond was dugout with a bulldozer rented for the weekend. Of course, if you’re using pond water you’ll need a way to get it to the house, and a method of filtering it.

Looking to place your cabin on top of a steep incline? You have to consider how you’ll get the water up the hill. If you’re using a pump you’ll need to consider distance and how far up hill you have to pump the water.

If you’re hiring someone to run your water pipes remember that they probably charge by the foot. Same as if you have a well-drilling company come in and drill for water. They too charge by the foot often times with no guarantees about how far down they’ll need to drill.

When roofing your house/cabin consider what type of roofing you’ll install if you ever want to put in a rain catchment system. I’d rather have rainwater that came off a metal roof than one with asphalt shingles.

green metal roof
green metal roof

Too remote or desolate or dry for any of these methods of gaining water? You can always haul water in big totes or pay for water delivery.

Your dream spot can be manageable even without a direct water supply but you’ll need to consider the cost and effort needed to quickly, safely and a budget friendly way to source your water.