It Never Hurts to Stock Up

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I was in Sams the other day, doing my regular grocery shopping (ok, maybe a little stocking up) when I passed by a young couple in the soap aisle.

She was putting a large package of bar soap into the shopping cart when he mentioned that they had soap at home. He said he’d opened one the other day.

She replied that she knew that but she liked to have backups.

He said “It’s not the apocalypse, honey.”

With a dismayed look she said “But I like to be prepared.”

She won.

And well she should. It never hurts to be prepared. You know the old adage “Two is one and one is none.” Well, that applies to many different things. Things like soap, and peanut butter, and dry beans, and …. toilet paper. 🙂

Many times a couple will have different thoughts on the preparedness portion of their lives. Often times, women, being natural ‘gatherers’, will be the one to ‘fill out their nests’ with warm blankets, a full pantry and other necessities. In my neck of the woods, it’s often the male counterpart that stocks up on safety and protection supplies.

Keep tools on hand
Keep tools on hand

Doesn’t matter which party does the preparing, it’s of course best if both parties are on the same page. But what do you do if your partner isn’t into ‘prepping’?

You, being the concerned one, will do whatever it takes to teach/show your family how to be prepared. You do so by stocking up, slowly, by buying a little bit extra whenever you can. You pick up tools and hardware at yard sales, you buy garden seeds. You ‘start’ a garden and learn to be proficient at whatever skill you deem necessary to prepare your family for the future.

Heirloom seeds
Heirloom seeds

Everyone might be preparing for something different, but I think that the events of the past year should have shown everyone that preparing is important. Your family and loved ones are important and you show that by helping them become more aware and hopefully more prepared.